Partysaurus Rex on Blu-ray Today

Custom Partysaurus Rex Blu-ray
“Just checking some prices. Don’t miss it, I look good in high definition!” – PartySaurus Rex

Today marked a great day for PartySaurus Rex as the short is now available to own on the re-release of Monsters, Inc. on Blu-ray. Many of our readers have asked us to bring back our custom PartySaurus Rex and his adventures via Twitter under the hashtag #FollowRex and we figured what a better day to bring him back than on the day of the DVD release. Take a look at the photos and be sure to turn up the sound on the last video clip (it loops perfectly)!

Custom Partysaurus Rex Blu-ray
“Listening to PartySaurus Rex Overflow on the way to….” – PartySaurus Rex
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  1. Hello – thank you so much for this comment – it is an amazing look into how Pixar and it's characters can truly enrich a child's life…and as adults to be able to watch them! We can only hope that you've returned to this page to be able to see our return comment.We cannot thank you enough – not only did this make our day, but I can also tell you that your comments did resonate within the walls of Pixar as well! It is comments like this that truly inspire Julie and I to continue to do what we do.If you would like, please email us and let us know who you are – we would love to chat more about this and send you an official thank you!

  2. Hello, I am a big fan of your site. Pixar Post is by far the most news worthy Pixar site and kid friendly on top of that!My 7yr old son loves partysaurus Rex and your photos and video of Rex is something that he watches daily! The video of Rex at the store has him convinced that Rex is REAL! We do have a smaller Rex toy, nothing like your amazing creations and he keeps it in the bathroom and set up his spy gear to see if he can catch Rex having a party in the bathtub.I don't know if you two have any work-connection to Pixar but your creativity with these videos and photos have made my son's imagination grow and I can't thank you enough! He really thinks Rex is real because Rex goes around to places that we go, like the store and the zoo. To see that amazement in your child eyes is pure joy.Besides the cars movies, partysaurus Rex is his favorite Pixar movie. Could you please pass our appreciation to Pixar and everyone involved? I'm sure I'm not the only fan of what you two do, Pixar Post is an incredible site and I wish nothing but great things for you both.

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