Episode 003 of the Pixar Post Podcast – The Good Dinosaur Logo, Our Redesigned Logo, Pixar Canada & More

The Good Dinosaur Second Logo

In our third episode of the Pixar Post Podcast we discuss topics within the following areas:

Updates from the previous week

Annie Awards

  • The wackiness of the awards and some technical difficulties.
  • Mark Andrews and Steve Purcell were spotted in kilts to celebrate Brave.
  • List of awards that Brave was up for but didn’t take home the Annie for.
  • List of awards that Brave took home the Annie for (with acceptance speech video).

The Blue Umbrella

  • Our six-second stop-motion animated movie showcases “Blue” blinking and looking around.
  • Additional sneak-peek details surrounding variations of umbrellas can be seen in the short.
  • Director Saschka Unseld is asking for your feedback on The Blue Umbrella – what should he discuss during his “making-of” presentation in Germany?

What We’re Working on

  • A new contest is coming soon
  • Creation of two new pages on our site – a list of current and upcoming movies and products.

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