Pixarians in the News this Week

Downing’s finished Super “The Hairier”

This past week a few talented Pixarians have been featured throughout the web for their independent creative works of art. From superheroes and emoticons to clever football match-ups all three of these artists could be just the inspiration you need to start your own creative art.

Pixar Story Artist – Everett Downing

Everett Downing is an incredibly gifted artist who on the advice of a friend started sketching one superhero a day, which he has named 365 Supers (as cataloged on his blog). Downing who was recently featured on Last Call with Carson Daly on February 4, discussed his 365 Supers project – which is nearing completion (as of February 9 he is at Super 333). Congratulations Everett, you’re almost there!

What would your 365 Super be? I know mine would be shark-inspired!

Pixar Animator – Austin Madison

Austin Madison gained quite a bit of attention this week with his football match-up sketches that went viral after the Superbowl. We have been following Madison’s blog for quite some time and he never fails to stimulate the mind and eye with his creative works of art. Madison also frequently posts Chades Challenges (short for Character Design challenges) on his blog and we are very much looking forward to participating in the Academy Award edition! Excelsior!

Below are some of our favorite football sketches from Austin Madison.

Pixar Story Artist – Matt Jones

A “gesture genius”, Matt Jones will be working independently with Facebook as he helps re-invent the classic smiley face into emoticons with a more broad emotional range (as it appears from his sketches below). Jones who was recently interviewed by BuzzFeed had this to say, “Facebook was canny enough to realize that traditional emoticons are quite bland. At Pixar, we consider emotional states every day with every drawing we make. Our work is informed by the years of study we do, constantly studying people’s gestures and expressions in real life”. (Note: BuzzFeed reported that Jones is working on this project independently and Pixar is not collaborating.)

Jones continues to inspire us as we use his Gesture book as a creative tool for our own sketches.

Matt Jones Emojis

Whether it be superheroes or emoticons I think we can all agree that these artists have scored a touchdown!

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