Episode 001 of the Pixar Post Podcast – Kicking it all off

Pixar Post Podcast Episode 1

Yes, you’ve read that correctly, our inaugural episode of the Pixar Post Podcast has been released. We are very excited to take this next step in the evolution of our website and that we can bring our “take” on Pixar topics to you through another channel.

Our official description for the Pixar Post Podcast is – The Pixar Post Podcast is a natural extension of our website (www.pixarpost.com) and is run by the husband and wife team of T.J. & Julie. We will discuss all things Pixar – from news, rumors, merchandise, reviews, interviews, Pixar history, and much more. This family-friendly show is presented in an entertaining, positive, and upbeat light.

Keep in mind that the podcast, much like our website, will continue to evolve over time – but we’re looking for your feedback. Please let us know what you think – what were your thoughts on our kickoff episode? We can only grow with time and feedback so we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Listen to the episode using the embedded player below or subscribe on Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyYouTube, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Each week we will also be posting our show notes so that you can review the topics that we are discussing in each week’s episodes – Click on the photos below to enlarge.

During the show, we mentioned that we would post a photo highlighting our The Blue Umbrella creation we were working on – the image is below.

The Blue Umbrella Fan Photo

Thank you again to our great readers for joining us on this new journey.

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  1. Hello again Hailey – to help with accuracy between multiple web browsers we have included a second internet player until our Podcast will be available in the iTunes store. Let us know if you run across any additional quirks! Take care!

  2. Hello Hailey – thank you for the comment – we're in the process of testing on a Windows machine (in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer) as well as an Apple (in Safari, Chrome and Firefox). As soon as we can come up with a solution we'll post an update! Also – could you let us know which system you're on (Apple or Windows) as well as which browser you're using? Thank you for your patience as we work through the growing pains of the new Podcast – there's always a kink with something new! 🙂 T.J.

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