Disney Infinity Gaming Event Live Coverage – Featuring Your Favorite Pixar Characters

Disney Infinity Launch Event

Disney Interactive will unveil their “Disney Infinity” game at 11:00 PM PST (2:00 PM EST) today and we’ll be posting all the updates right here from the live event. Stay tuned.

Updated 3:51 PM EST – The live event is officially wrapped – please click here to view our expanding coverage of the Disney Infinity official press release information.

2:00 – Jim Pleasants (co-President of Disney Interactive) – introducing the new Disney Infinity game. This game will be cross-platform – Wii, PlayStation, Xbox, online and more.

2:09 – John Lasseter is on-stage.

2:14 – John is expanding on how the game will allow kids to play in an open environment where you can create your own story and your own adventures by utilizing the characters and toys we’ve grown to love.

2:19 – The game will launch in June and allow you to do whatever your imagination wants – you can add Buzz Lightyear’s jetpack on Mr. Incredible to see how he would fly!

2:20 – John Blackburn is on the stage.

At launch there will be four sets of characters – The Incredibles family, Mike & Sulley and The Pirates of the Caribbean characters…the fourth set of characters will be available at the June launch.2:26 – Prepping a short video of a game sample

2:31 – All playsets are multi-player at the same time

2:32 – Mike & Sulley will play in the Monsters University world! Video sample coming soon!

2:39 – The play sets allow you to play as a character in that character’s actual world – for instance, The Incredibles playset will only allow you to play in the world of The Incredibles. If you want to play in the open world, you have to play in the Toy Box!  This allows you to use your imagination and play as you want and combine any characters together!

2:41 – You can build your own entire world in the Toy Box – where you can make a building, roads, terrain type, sky color, and so on. In the screenshot below – one of the designers recreated the world of Bowser’s castle from Mario Kart.

Disney Infinity Launch Event

2:43 – You can also get Power Discs that allow you to get interactive elements that you can use in conjunction with the characters that you are playing as – for instance, a power disc could get you a new gadget to interact with or a new car to ride on in the game.

2:45 – Based on all of the screenshots that they’re showing, I’m going to guess that the extra set of characters will be Toy Story characters!

2:46 – There will also be an online community where you can upload the worlds you build and enter them in contests and allow others to download your world to play in as well!

2:49 – Here’s a sample of the first video they showed at the event at 2:26

2:50 – The official event has ended – they are sending partners and D23 members to a post-event while the press is staying in the room for more detailed looks at the game.

2:53 – Uploading more videos now – posting soon!

2:57 – This screenshot was from when John Lasseter was on stage and he showed the development of the gaming characters. He talked about how amazing the characters are and how they resemble some of the great vinyl toys that people love.

2:59 – Here is an additional video of the Monsters University world – we apologize for the video quality.

3:03 – Additional video samples from the Disney Infinity game

3:14 – Currently receiving additional press materials and details on the game – more posts soon!

The live event is officially wrapped – please click here to view our expanding coverage of the Disney Infinity official press release information.

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