Preview of a Bambino Maquette from La Luna – Updated 2X

Pixar La Luna Bambino Maquette Statue

Enrico Casarosa, the director of the wonderfully moving short, La Luna, tweeted something that really caught our eye earlier this evening – he noted that Pixar is working on creating a maquette of the youngest member of the short, Bambino.

Bambino Maquette

I also happened to notice that a bunch of people immediately asked what I was wondering myself…how can I get one and when will they be available? Well, the good news is that he noted they will be available in mid-December. He also mentioned that they would be a limited edition of 500 Bambino’s – OK, now this is just getting even more intriguing. 

So, how can you get one? Well, for that, you need to be within the Pixar Studio’s gates and visit the studio store. He mentioned that since the toy was created within Pixar they never really set up a distribution channel. Either way, this is a really fantastic way to showcase Bambino and for that, we say congrats Enrico on getting this little guy made in an off-screen setting!

UPDATED 2:20 AM EST – Well, we may have one little glimmer of hope that these will be released. Enrico just replied to our tweet and said that they will only be in the studio store for at least the initial 500.

Bambino Maquette

UPDATED November 19, 2012 – Enrico has posted unboxing photos of the first Bambino maquette – the full details can be seen on our updated post.

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  1. So, let me understand: I have to live near the Pixar Studios in Northern California? Are those the ones we are talking about?

  2. Hello – you've got it right. Enrico has said that the initial run of these toys will only be available at the Pixar studio store in Emeryville, California (outside of Oakland, CA). If they are sold in the Pixar studio store, they are really intended for employees and guests of the studio (because even if you went to Emeryville, you can't just head into the store – you have to have been invited within the studio first). He did (lightly) suggest that they may be made available outside the studio store as well, but I'm sure that would depend on demand as well as cost and distribution…those are a fair amount of obstacles.Thank you for your comment and please let us know if you have any other questions!T.J.

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