"Untitled" Release Has Date Change – Pete Docter or Lee Unkrich’s Project?

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UPDATED April 17, 2013 – we also now have confirmation that Pete Docter’s film will officially be titled Inside Out (as was anticipated).

UPDATED April 2, 2013 – After several months of rumors, we now know that the movie being released on November 25, 2015 is Finding Dory, the sure-to-be hilarious spin-off of Finding Nemo.

Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures revealed in a press release earlier today that the “Pixar Animation movie ‘Untitled’ is now dated for November 25, 2015, for wide release”. Although they do not provide specifics as to what the movie is about or what project this is specifically referencing, we have to assume that it means they are pushing back the release date of Pete Docter’s latest project since it has only been referred to as “Pete Docter’s untitled project that takes you inside the human mind” – as noted in our April 25, 2012 post about CinemaCon.

We’re also assuming that this is not referencing Bob Peterson’s, The Good Dinosaur since Pixar has officially assigned that title and release date as May 30, 2014. The only other known project that this could be at this point would be Lee Unkrich’s movie about La Dia De Los Muertos which has a tentative range of dates between the Fall of 2015 and the Summer of 2016. Although this could be the project that moved, we’re more inclined to believe that this will be a 2016 release date.

What are your thoughts – is their press release referencing Pete Docter’s or Lee Unkrich’s project?

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  1. I tend to agree with you and I originally wrote this article only noting that this was Pete Docter's film that had the date change…but it's funny, I've read some comments on other sites that have said that this was a new film (nope) and someone else that said they were finally assigning a date to Lee's film.

  2. The Box Office Mojo post said that the date for the Untitled Pixar Film was a 'new' date, not an updated one. So that must surely mean it's Lee's, since Pete's already had a date set…

  3. Hey William – I saw that too. If you search for \”Pixar\” on Box Office Mojo's site (http://boxofficemojo.com/franchises/chart/?id=pixar.htm), the only problem I have is that they have it listed as a \”New\” movie all-together and haven't updated Lee or Pete's project with the November 25th date (look in upcoming releases in right-hand corner). Also – they have Newt still listed so I'm not sure I'm fully trusting their word on this one! 🙂

  4. How about this curveball, Finding Nemo 2? I know it's still an unsubstantiated rumor right now, but it makes perfect sense. Lasseter once said that after Monsters University, Pixar will produce originals for the most part, and if they start releasing 2 movies a year, one of them will be a sequel. So in 2015, with Pete Docter's original released in the summer, it makes sense to have Finding Nemo 2 around the holiday season.

  5. You are right that Pete's film was/is scheduled for June 19 – but the press release that Disney Studios put out yesterday just said that the \”untitled\” Pixar release was rescheduled to November 25, 2015. There have been conflicting opinions as to what movie this is referencing – so don't change anything on the Wikia site just yet…some people think it's Pete's movie that had the date change, some think it's Lee's movie and other's think it may be a new movie all together (which I don't think that's necessarily the case).

  6. Hmm, sure doesn't seem like a very clear press release! 🙂 If they used the word \”rescheduled\”, then it wouldn't be either Lee's or a new film, so makes sense it's Pete's. Oh well, maybe they're just playing with us – they know how much we'll all obsess about it! 🙂

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