Need a quick break? Play the online Cars Land Racers game

Cars Land Racers Online Game

Whew — you’ve been working hard — maybe it’s time for a quick break! Want to have a few minutes of fun? Check out the Cars Land Racers online game (UPDATED: Link removed as the game is no longer active). Note – Flash is required, so you won’t be able to play this on your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Cars Land Racers Online Game

Currently, there are three cars you can choose from (if you don’t design your own) and two tracks to race (although a new track is labeled as “coming soon”). You can choose to race at your own pace, race head-to-head, and even link your games up to Facebook so you can track your high scores against other online racers.

Have fun!

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  1. Sure – The more you play, the better you and your car will be. I'm not just saying that from an experience standpoint – but if you race more and more, you'll unlock extra \”Acceleration\”, \”Handling\”, etc. I'd also suggest to pick your racer based on the tracks – if the track has a lot of straight-aways, I'd pick the car that has the top acceleration, but if there are a lot of turns, go for the car with the most handling. I'd also be sure to utilize the left and right arrows – although the game will keep you on course itself, if you take control you'll go a bit faster. Don't forget to use the spacebar as well for a boost when you're driving, but don't boost too much into the turns or you'll spin out.Also, keep in mind that if you want to save your progress, you'll need to log with Facebook rather than just playing casually. Hope the tips help!! Keep racing! – T.J.

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