Monsters University – Mike dreaming about his pony concept art

Monsters University Pony Concept Art Stanley Moore

A few weeks ago, Pixar asked Monsters University fans to vote on which sleep-talking phrase they found the most humorous from the film’s trailers.


  • My pony made the dean’s list. (in-theater trailer and Blu-ray trailer phrase)
  • I can’t go to class; I’m not wearing any clothes. (Apple Trailers phrase)
  • My homework ate my dog. (Yahoo! Movies trailer phrase)
  • Class President— Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha (Huffington Post trailer phrase)

After the votes were tallied on the four Monsters University trailers previously released, the official Pixar Facebook page posted the winning answer with a piece of concept art created by Stanley Moore.

The winning phrase Mike shows how happy Mike is that his pony made the Dean’s list. This was my favorite of the four trailers, so I was excited to see it brought to life with some concept art. If you missed the trailers, you can view them here).

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