New Toys – Zurg, Partysaurus Rex and Mater Private Eye

Partysaurus Rex bath toy boat

Pixar Times recently received an extensive tour of Disney Store merchandise that will be released near the holiday season. Of the merchandise that Pixar Times listed, I am just about at the edge of my seat to get my hands on the Zurg toy.

The only thing I hope is that this Zurg toy will be released as part of the Thinkway Toys official Toy Story Collection, but if it’s not, I’ll still get it – if you have Buzz, you need Zurg!

I love when toys are black and white (or really shades of gray), they just have such a unique look that I’ll definitely add this Mater Private Eye set to my list.

This certainly intrigued me – There have been ongoing rumors of a short called Partysaurus Rex, but this certainly solidifies it doesn’t it? There was also the question of when this short will be released and if this toy is going to be coming out for the holiday season, it makes me think it might be released prior to the re-release of Finding Nemo in September – what do you think? 

Be sure to check out Pixar Times’ full list of Pixar merchandise that is scheduled to come out over the holiday season hereNote that all of the images came from the Pixar Times article.

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