Mark Andrews Interviewed by Google

Mark Andrews Brave Press Event
Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews, Director of Brave sat down with Google to discuss Brave, as well as his career from live-action to Pixar (Mark has been a Pixarian for the past twelve years). What I really enjoy about Mark is his attitude, he has such a great no-nonsense attitude that is really captivating. This interview is only an hour and I say “only” because I could listen to Mark’s stories for well over an hour.

Did you know that Mark was “blacklisted” from Disney? This is one of the many great stories that you’ll hear in this interview as Ryan Germick of the Google Doodle Team interviews Mark in this video from June 19, 2012.

How amazing to hear about the layers of clothing on King Fergus as well as the time it took to create the software to create Merida’s wild hair. I love that Pixar goes to the next level – it’s the “sanding of the underside of the drawers” that makes Pixar so special.

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