Congrats to the Brave Crew – Highlights from the Wrap Party

Pixar Brave Crew wrap party

Today may just be the ending to an average weekend for most of us, but for those who worked on Pixar’s film Brave, this weekend was by far anything but average.

The Brave wrap party was hosted at the castle of Napa Valley’s Castello di Amorosa winery on June 9 as reported by the Napa Valley Register. The day was rumored to begin with traditional Scottish Highland games and end with the screening of Brave under the stars.

Here are some of the wonderful tweets and photos that were shared on Twitter by those who attended this wonderful event.

Sounds like it was a beautiful evening full of laughter, friendship, and camaraderie. Congrats again to the team of La Luna and Brave as well as the team who helped create the new animation software that will be showcased in Brave. We sure can’t wait for June 22 to roll around so we too can marvel at these great Pixar milestones!

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