Cars Crew Jacket – Auction

Pixar Cars Employee Crew Gift Jacket

Since we’ve posted so frequently about the “Artists Help Japan” Pixar auctions we thought we’d update a few photos of the Cars Crew Jacket auction that we won. I couldn’t have been giddier than when the mailman knocked on our door yesterday afternoon – I went running outside in my socks and grabbed the box with great anticipation to open my new prize. Upon opening the box, the jacket was immediately slung over my shoulders and it fit like a glove.

Pixar Cars Employee Crew Gift Jacket

So, this is our little piece of Pixar that we have now – we get the satisfaction of owning something exclusive from Pixar and helping out a great charity.

Also included in the box was a thank you note from none other than Dice Tsutsumi. With so many reasons to grab a slice of Pixar history – what items have you won – or what items are you drooling over that you have to have? Let us know in the comments below – we’re eyeing a few more items ourselves.

Dice Tsutsumi Artists Help Japan Thank You Card
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  1. I know, it's funny to find someone else bidding on the same item! And no hard feelings! No, the tiki mug is also out of my price range! And it would be hard to justify to my wife! Can you hear the conversation? \”… But, it's a TIKI mug!! It was a gift from Lee Unkrich!! Only 500 made!!!\” Yea, never would fly! 🙂

  2. Wow – I didn't think we'd come across someone else who was a bidder on this coat so quickly – sorry! 🙂 This was one item I really didn't want to let get away from me – I am a serious Cars die cast collector and fan of the movie. Thanks for following our blog and good luck on some of the other items out there. We'd really like to get the TS3 tiki mug as well but it's way out of our price range now. What do you think, are you still going for it?

  3. You outbid me to win the jacket!! Congratulations, it looks awesome! I have been lucky enough to win a couple of items in previous auctions, nothing this time. I'd really like the TS3 tiki mug!

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