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Toy Story 3 Goodbye Fan Art Painting

I like to think of myself as a semi-artistic person and I look to Pixar to drive my creativity.  With that being said, I’m about to share one of my works of art.  This painting was inspired by Toy Story 3 — the film’s final scene. 

Now there are a few artistic flaws in this painting; such as the “Tree of Life” (from Disney’s Animal Kingdom) that appears on the left side of the painting. That was a mistake that just added humor to the painting, so I kept it. You may also notice that Woody’s ears are a little, well…crooked. I blame that on tilting my head when I paint. Either way, I love my painting and I hope this inspires you to create your own works of art.

Next up, I’m tackling the La Luna painting, inspired by Enrico Casarosa’s original watercolor of the moonlight ocean.

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