Elemental TV Spot Shown During American Idol Finale (and More TV Spots)

Elemental CC Stump Screencap

During the season 21 finale of American Idol, a sneak peek at Pixar’s upcoming film, Elemental was shown. Check out the details below and view even more TV Spots showcasing the film.


Aired during the final commercial break before the announcement of the winner, the video (which we could only find on Twitter) was a 30-second TV Spot rather than what we would call a sneak peek (the Elemental Twitter page teased a sneak peek the day before).



PixarsBiggestFan in the Pixar Post Forum has been doing a great job sharing all the latest TV Spots – check out some of our other favorites that have been posted online.


Tickets are now available for Elemental, which opens only in theaters on June 16, 2023. Tickets can be purchased on Fandango or wherever tickets are sold.

Watch the “Tickets on Sale” promo video with a few new pieces of footage.

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  1. Honestly that was disappointing considering they hyped it up on social media. It’s literally one of the exact same ads they’ve been running on YouTube/social media for the past week!

    1. Agreed – we’re on the same page. I feel like a sneak peek is usually an extended look or a special scene from the film. I get that they wanted to have this tied to the final announcement of the winner, though. That was a really good slot to get eyes on the film, and if it was a long break before the winner was announced, that could have been viewed as negative. So, I’ll take it as a win for the promotion of the film but I wish they pushed it further.

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