‘Forky Asks A Question’ Teaser Trailer — What is Cheese? What is Time? What is Money?

Forky Asks A Question’s teaser trailer was launched today, including What is Cheese?
Forky Asks A Question What is Cheese?

What is cheese? What is time? What is art? What is money? There are just a few of the hilarity-inducing questions that Forky, the hand-made spork from Toy Story 4 will ask when the new show, Forky Asks A Question launches on November 12, 2019, alongside Disney+.

Directed by veteran Pixarian, Bob Peterson (story artist, director, and voice of Roz, Mr. Ray, Dug and more), the series of shorts won’t be quite as heady as Forky’s exploration of what it means to be alive as he discovered in Toy Story 4 — but we’re sure going to laugh at the silly spork voiced by Tony Hale as he learns all about a huge variety of topics.

Watch the new trailer embedded above or directly on our YouTube channel and then let us know your thoughts below or chat about the show with other Pixar fans in the Pixar Post Forum.

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