MotoExpo 2019 & a ‘Cars’ Themed TV Show Coming to Disney+

A Cars television show on Disney+, the news may have just been announced.
Disney Pixar Cars TV Show Coming to Disney+

Could Lighting McQueen and the Radiator Springs gang be headed to Disney+? During a recent visit to Pixar’s bi-annual Car Show ‘MotoExpo’ (more details below), AutoWeek magazine shared a bit of breaking news that the Carsfranchise may continue in the form of an upcoming TV show. 

While no official details have been announced, we can’t help but feel that the AutoWeek writer, Mark Vaughn, was informed of the news when he wrote, “I hear it’s a TV show” while referencing “what’s next” for the Cars franchise. 

The world of Cars would be a perfect addition to Disney+, especially with the endless catalog of characters and storylines to explore. One of those storylines could mirror, the real-life change to Pixar’s Car Show (previously Motorama, now MotoExpo) which now only features environmentally-friendly modes of transportation. Pixar Creative Director Jay Ward explains —

If you walk out into our parking lot, we’re probably one-quarter electric already: Model Ss, Model 3s, Leafs, Priuses, are a huge portion of our parking lot. So I thought, ‘I can’t just rope off the parking lot and call it a show — that’s going to be boring.’ So I really tried to find things that people hadn’t seen that were electric. One good thing from Motorama was, this should not be a vehicle you can walk into a dealership and see. It should be stuff that is future, prototype, unique, one-off, special order, whatever. And so we’ve tried to keep that ethos for the show.

How great would it be to see the Cars characters retrofitted to teach the next generation about the importance of a green initiative. As the teams at Disney and Pixar explore new stories with the upcoming Disney+ shows Monsters At Work, Forky Asks a Question, and Lamp Life, we can only hope that this news will be made official soon. 

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A few of our favorite photos from the newly-revamped MotoExpo are below – The first four photos are from the AutoWeek article (view even more photos from the event in their gallery). The fifth photo of the Pixar-themed (AMAZING) BMW i3 was from Pixarian, Tasha Sounart and the final photo of the pin which attendees of the event received is from Jay Ward.

It should also be noted that Tesla’s highly anticipated prototype semi-truck was also in attendance a the event – additional details and photos via, Electrek.

Tesla semi-truck prototype at Pixar
Tesla electric semi-truck prototype – via Electrek

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