Doc Hudson’s Ornament Valley Mechanical Clinic Precision Series Set – Last Day to #SaveRadiatorSprings (Updated)

May 21 is the final day to save the Precision Series of play sets. Take a look and order your Doc’s Ornament Valley Mechanical Clinic play set.
Doc Hudson's Precision Series play set - ornament valley Mattel set

The Cars Precision Series sets are the most visually beautiful toys which have been created for fans of the films. From the gentle flicker of the lights as the sets turn on, to the detailed cars with working headlights and taillights, these sets were meant for serious fans.

But, fans of those sets are in an interesting situation at the moment. Currently, eight of the eleven planned sets have already been released — but, the final three sets remain in limbo. The next set which was slated to be released was Doc Hudson’s Ornament Valley Mechanical Clinic, but fans were thrown for a loop as it was announced that rather than a broad release, Mattel would only produce the set if fans were to pre-order 3,000 units in total — ORDER YOURS HERE (Updated – link is no longer active).

That is where we come to today, May 21. Today is the final day to pre-order Doc’s playset in order to keep this set and Radiator Springs alive — which is why fans of the set (not just people who order) should tweet their final support using the hashtag, #SaveRadiatorSprings (or retweet our message here). Let’s work together, let’s not procrastinate if you’ve been on the fence or waiting, now is the time to order. Watch our video embedded below to take a quick look at the series and watch me pre-order my set as well. 

It should be noted that the counter on their website is NOT updating order counts live. Unfortunately, it is a graphic that Mattel must update manually. As pointed out in our video, this has been stuck at 686 for some time, so we’ll have to keep watching to see if the final push can get it over the hill.

UPDATED May 22, 2019: Mattel has extended the ‘order by’ until June 4. As of today, there are only 705 people who have placed orders.

Let us know your thoughts below if you ordered, or if not, what stopped you from ordering — we’d be interested to know fans’ thoughts.

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