Whoa! Intense ‘Incredibles 2’ Trailer – First Look at the New Villian, Screenslaver (Discuss with us LIVE)

Wow! The new Incredibles 2 trailer will leave you peeking through your fingers.
Screenslaver Incredibles 2

The new Incredibles 2 trailer will leave your jaw on the floor and your mind blown — filled with action, humor, and our first look at the nightmare-inducing villain, Screenslaver.

The 2-minute trailer showcases a broad range of the film, starting with playful banter between Violet and Dash, as the trailer continues we see the Parr’s move into their new house as the roles slowly begin to shift between Bob (Mr. Incredible) and Helen (Elastigirl).

Roughly around the minute-and-half mark, we see Elastigirl in a heart-stopping action sequence as she busts through a wall of glass pane windows while in pursuit (of someone or something) on her Elasticycle.

The action continues as we see a glimpse of what appears to be Voyd’s powers — with Dash running through a series of continuous portals while carrying Jack-Jack. Though we do not see the “new super” character, we get the sense that perhaps the Parr’s are in the midst of trouble.

That so-called “trouble” may be caused by the surprise cameo of the trailer, and honestly, it is still giving us chills — enter the villain, Screenslaver. His ominous presence, robotic voice, and eerily slight tilt of his head, creates a villain who is just as intense as those from the live-action Batman series. Though the Screenslaver introduction was quick, WOW, was it effective. We are left wanting more of the villainous character — however, we may be watching with our hands over our eyes, peeking through our fingers.

“The Screenslaver interrupts this program for an important announcement”.

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