This is the ‘Incredibles 2’ Movie Poster You’ve Been Waiting For

In this amazing Incredibles 2 movie poster, we get an action-packed view of the family and some new villains!
Incredibles 2 payoff poster

In terms of action-packed Pixar movie posters, one could argue that you don’t get much better than the poster for the original Incredibles film — well if you count the fact that it was released in 2013. (That’s another story though — Brad Bird tweeted the unreleased hand-painted masterpiece by Robert McGinnis in January 2013.)

The new poster not only gives a clearer look at the family but also an exciting new look at what we presume are many of the film’s villains (possibly seven of them can be seen)!

You’ll also spot of scurrying raccoon (hilarious), Edna Mode, and many forms of transportation (train, boat, helicopter) among a city backdrop — and let’s not forget to mention the ominous masked villain overlooking the entire scene (welcome, the film’s main villain).

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The Incredibles payoff poster

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