Sing Along to Coco’s "Remember Me" with Our Fun Skeleton ‘Animoji Karaoke’ (With Lyrics)

Watch our fun version of Remember Me from Pixar’s Coco utilizing Apple’s iPhone X as we do an Animoji karaoke version of the song.
Animoji Karaoke Remember Me

When Apple’s special edition smartphone, the iPhone X, hit people’s hands in late 2017, one of the features that users loved right away was the newly created “animoji” characters. With animojis, users can create an animated emoji of themselves as one of Apple’s fun characters — ranging from a unicorn, a panda bear, a robot, and many more.

On Thursday (March 29) of this week, Apple released a new update to their iPhone operating system (11.3) which added four new animoji characters — a dragon, bear, lion, and skeleton.

Once we saw the skull animoji we knew we wanted to create a rendition of the jovial, Remember Me, from Pixar’s emotionally charged film, Coco. We took our first crack at it this evening and had a ton of fun creating this animoji karaoke version of the song.

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