Pixar’s Refreshed Website – A Complete Catalog of Their Works, A Peek Inside The Studio & More

Pixar redesigned their website and it’s a perfect catalog of their films, a look behind the scenes and a peek into their culture and upcoming films.
Pixar Redesigned Website

Today, Pixar took the wraps off their newly refreshed website and although it looks like a fresh coat of paint, under the hood, there’s some serious new power. The site covers the same main areas as before but expands greatly in the concept artwork, trailers, and behind-the-scenes looks provided for each film. Most significantly, we were ecstatic that some of the old (and in some cases, rare) trailers and teasers were included at a high quality.

As an example, the teaser trailer for A Bug’s Life was very hard to come by and the highest quality previously seen was quite poor. The new site includes a great high-quality version for all you “Bug’s” fans out there (embedded below).

The teasers and trailers are only the tip of the iceberg of the new website. Whether you’re looking for details about each of the main characters from a film, looking to learn more about their industry-standard RenderMan rendering software, or searching for your future role at the company, you can find it all on their new homepage.

Wall-E MO Character Profile

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