Odell Beckham Jr’s Pro Bowl Custom ‘Toy Story’ Football Cleats by Kickasso

Check out these custom Buzz and Woody Toy Story themed cleats that Odell Beckham Jr. sported during the 2017 NFL Pro Bowl (created by Kickasso).
Odell Beckham Jr Toy Story Cleats Kickasso

Just a few months ago, Pixar fans were abuzz with the Vans series of Toy Story-themed shoes featuring exclusive designs of Bo Peep, Woody, and even Sid’s Mutant Toys. Well, another Pixar fan wanted to find a way to bring his Toy Story fandom to the football field.

New York Giants wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. partnered with custom shoe artist, Kickasso (pronounced like Picasso) to create a pair of cleats that he could wear during the 2017 Pro Bowl (airing January 29 at 8:00 PM EST on ESPN).

Odell ANDY Cleats

Check out more about the partnership between Kickasso and the NFL in this short look at his creation process from NFL Films.

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