‘Mater and the Easter Buggy’ Die Cast Unboxing (Video Review)

Watch our unboxing and review of the Mater and the Easter Buggy die cast Cars (and book).
Mater and the Easter Buggy diecast Cars

Mater and the Easter Buggy die-cast cars have finally hatched. They have been rumored for quite a few years, and when we heard that they may be hitting shelves in 2017, we couldn’t have been more thrilled. The vibrant and colorful cars look fantastic, and each character comes with an Easter Tire accessory to match — just like in the book.

Mater and the Easter Buggy basket tires

If you aren’t familiar with the book, there are two versions that we describe in our unboxing and review video (embedded below). Check it out and let us know what you think – will you be picking up the Mater and the Easter Buggy die cast cars? Chat about it with other fans in the Pixar Post Forum (view additional photos as well), or leave a comment below.


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The series has started appearing in stores now — below are a few links for the Cars as well as the books on Amazon and eBay.

Easter Buggy
Easter Lightning McQueen
Easter Mater
Easter Ramone

Hardcover (48 pages)
Softcover (16 pages) with stickers

All Mater and the Easter Bunny products in one unified search (Click Here)

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