Trick or Treat: Pixar Wishes You ‘Happy Halloween’ with a Series of Pop-Culture Film Posters

In this series of pop-culture posters by Pixar artist, Michael Blackmon, he takes on many horror movies of the past with a Pixar-spin.
Sanjay's Super Team Polergeist Halloween Poster

Trick or Treat! Pixar has found a perfect way to blend their characters, Halloween and the horror films which permeate the holiday. In this series of digital art by Michael Blackmon, iconic horror film posters collide with many beloved Pixar characters to form a funny, yet insanely cool collection of art.

From Sanjay’s Super Team being paired against Poltergeist to many more favorites, we want to know if you can name all the films which are referenced – write your answers in the comments below. Also, be sure to tag us on Instagram or Twitter with your best Pixar-themed Halloween costumes, pumpkin carvings, or Halloween art – we’ll even share a few. Happy Halloween.

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