‘Inside Out’ 7" Vinyl Records & Poster Series – Available at the 2016 SDCC Mondo Booth

Check out more images and details surrounding the Mondo “Inside Out” themed 7″ vinyl and poster series launching at the 2016 SDCC.
Inside Out Mondo SDCC Vinyl Poster

As if the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) wasn’t shaping up to be exciting enough, a new series of limited edition 7″ vinyl records and 18″x24″ posters featuring the artwork of the Inside Out emotions was announced via Oh My Disney yesterday.

The records and a limited supply of the posters will be available at the Mondo booth (#835) during the 3-day event (July 21-24). Each vinyl contains the Bundle of Joy song from the Inside Out soundtrack as well as one additional track themed after the emotion featured on the record (additional details below).

We’re most excited about the fact that the color of the physical record will also be themed after the emotions — for example, the Sadness-themed record is a translucent blue color, while the vinyl themed after Riley herself will feature a blended translucent yellow-gold and translucent blue record (just like Riley’s memory orbs at the end of the film).

Additional details surrounding the records and prints are below — as you browse the covers, see if you can spot similarities between the artwork (designed by Phantom City Creative) and actual album releases from the past (e.g., Riley and Meg pairing with Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream).


Side A on all 7″ vinyls will be the Bundle of Joy track

  • JOY – $15
    • Gold translucent vinyl
    • Limited to 2,500 pieces
    • Side B Track – Abstract Thought
  • SADNESS – $15
    • Blue translucent vinyl
    • Limited to 2,500 pieces
    • Side B Track – Joy Turns To Sadness
  • ANGER – $15
    • Red translucent vinyl
    • Limited to 1,500 pieces
    • Side B Track – Chasing Down Sadness
  • FEAR – $15
    • Purple translucent vinyl
    • Limited to 1,500 pieces
    • Side B Track – The Forgetters
  • DISGUST – $15
    • Green translucent vinyl
    • Limited to 1,500 pieces
    • Side B Track – Nomanisone Island / National Movers
  • RILEY & MEG – $15
    • Translucent Gold & Translucent Blue Half-and-Half Vinyl
    • Limited to 500 pieces
    • Side B Track – Imagination Land


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You can find the records on eBay using our pre-filtered search.


Each of the five emotions will also be released as a limited edition poster (18″ x 24″) made available by Oh My Disney, Cyclops Print Works, and Mondo. Only 200 of the 420 piece edition will be at the Mondo booth during SDCC — the remaining 220 pieces will be available on the Cyclops Print Works site at a later date. Posters printed by D&L Screen-printing – $50.

Head over to Oh My Disney to view all artwork in this post in high resolution and for additional tips comparing the artwork to the real-life album release.

SDCC takes place in San Diego, California from July 21-24 – who’s going?

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