Finding Dory – Just Keep Swimming App Review

We played the Finding Dory Just Keep Swimming app and it’s a great choice for small children to play along with. Additional details in our post.
Finding Dory Just Keep Swimming iOS app

Kids are sure to enjoy the new Finding Dory: Just Keep Swimming app from Disney. Geared towards younger children, the game is a bubble popping bonanza as Dory swims through 13 levels which (at a high level) mirror her adventures throughout the Finding Dory film.

Throughout the game, you meet up with some familiar faces from Finding Nemo (Mr. Ray, Peach, and more) as well as new friends from the upcoming movie (Hank, Bailey, and even the adorable otters).

The otters are actually part of the final two levels in the game (levels 12 and 13) which are currently locked but will be available after the theatrical release on June 17 (to avoid spoilers). (Note that the game does have some high-level spoilers throughout the other levels as well.)

Overall, the game’s graphics and character animations are fantastic and the colors and small details definitely shine through (like Dory’s shadow on the sand which only appears as she nears the bottom). Take a look at this gameplay video from Best Games 4 Kids.

Throughout the game, you collect bubbles, dodge silly obstacles, find hidden friends, swim away from foes as Dory makes you laugh with some of her signature phrases (Just Keep Swimming).

Dory and Marlin are not voiced by their respective actors (Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks), but I was pleasantly surprised to hear Mr. Ray (Bob Peterson), Hank (Ed O’Neill), and Nemo (Hayden Rolence) voiced by the same actors as the film. As mentioned, the game is perfect for younger kids and as of now, the app has all 5-star ratings in the Apple App Store.

UPDATED: Unfortunately, the app is no longer available to download and play.

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