‘Finding Dory’ Official Movie Poster

Check out the official Finding Dory movie poster as revealed by The Ellen Show
Finding Dory Official movie Poster

Ellen DeGeneres’ Twitter has just released the official Finding Dory movie poster and it’s a wonderful throwback to the first Finding Nemo poster. In both posters, you can see a circular swirl of supporting characters surrounding Dory (Finding Dory) and Dory and Marlin (Finding Nemo). Along with the main cast of characters, you also get a great look at many of the other friends Dory is sure to encounter along her journey of self-discovery.

Finding Nemo Payoff Poster
‘Finding Dory’ – Updated Official Synopsis
Finding Nemo Screencap Mr. Ray

‘Finding Dory’ – Updated Official Synopsis

The Finding Dory official synopsis notes the high-level plot details for the

What Inspired The Beginnings of ‘Finding Dory’
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What Inspired The Beginnings of ‘Finding Dory’

An interview with Andrew Stanton reveals the beginnings and inspiration behind

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