‘Toy Story That Time Forgot’ First Television Premiere Commercial

Toy Story That Time Forgot Logo

As the December 2 television premiere of Toy Story That Time Forgot approaches, more and more news of the 21-minute special has been hitting the internet. For those that watched the re-airing of Pixar’s first television special, Toy Story of TERROR!, on October 15 (8:00 PM) you were treated to the first television commercial highlighting the dinosaur-inspired film. The 30-second commercial sets up a great juxtaposition between the humor of the television special, paired against the intense, gladiator-style battles – check it out below.

To highlight some of the hilarity that was shown cinematic commercial, we have included a few screenshots below. Who couldn’t love the crayon smashing scene with Reptillus Maximus with the ultra-slow motion debris flying into Buzz and Woody’s faces?! Or the all-too-hilarious moment with Rex uttering, “well this seems festive” while sporting his new mechanical arms!

If you missed the launch of the official Toy Story That Time Forgot poster the other day, be sure to check it out. There is also a great Toy Story That Time Forgot promo spot for Sky Broadband that we also captured and uploaded to our YouTube channel, so be sure to check that out as well if you missed it.

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  1. First off – hahahhahah! Fireworks coming out of your ears! Hilarious! I totally hear you on the excitement in the teaser – it's so much fun. I think you're totally right about the Eco Friends reference as well – wasn't that in one of the SDCC panel videos? I think Steve Purcell mentioned it…but I had forgot to make the connection. I thought it was cool that the penguin had the EF badge in the same was the Battlesaurs do as well. That's a nice tie-in to link the toys in this new line.I also loved the Gorilla-sounding Sock Monkey – really cool stuff! It's still a bummer that more wasn't made of a connection between the Land That Time Forgot story that you originally spotted. It seems like the more footage we see, the more it defers from any linkage to the story…other than the title comparison. Either way – it's still a great trailer with great humor!

  2. This is probably one of my favorite trailers of all time. :)I love the beginning of the spot, when they so cleverly and humorously imitated a big summer blockbuster trailer, with the \”battle for all toy kind\” and the yells and everything. So, I have a new idea on the story. I think that the gang is taken captive by the Battlesaurs(as we already knew) and then, while captive, they witness the Sock Monkey and the EF penguin being challenged in the arena, only to be beaten, as we saw in the trailer.I think that the \”EF\” badge on the toy penguin stands for \”Eco Friends\” or something along that line. I personally think that there are a lot of toys targeted for younger kids lately that are similar, and Pixar may have been inspired. I also really like the design and animation on the Sock Monkey. If you listen closely, you can hear him grunt and stuff, which is just so cool and gives me an idea of the time and heart that went into this short. And we have only seen a total minute of footage!!! The same goes for the dinosaurs in the stands. Their roars are so authentic and spot-on. I love this trailer and if I was any more excited for Toy Story That Time Forgot, fireworks would be coming out of my ears!

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