Episode 033 of the Pixar Post Podcast – Exclusive First Look at ‘To Protect and Serve’, Our Interview with Effects Artist, Jason Johnston & More

Pixar Post Podcast Episode 33

In episode 033 of the Pixar Post Podcast, we discuss a ton of great Pixar news, including our exclusive first look at To Protect and Serve, the continuation of the Pixar Pipeline Project with Jason Johnston of the Effect team and so much more. Below are our show notes from the episode with time codes for your reference:

Pixar Post Website Updates

  • At the top of the episode we chat about Pixar Post getting on Tumblr. We have some great plans for how to use Tumblr to bring you the latest Pixar products on the web so you don’t miss any of your favorite items when they go on sale.

Pixar News

  • Starting at 2:45 into the podcast – we chat about the Toy Story That Time Forgot commercial that aired alongside the re-broadcast of Toy Story of TERROR! a few weeks back.
  • Starting at 6:45 into the podcast – we chat about the two gorgeous images released for LAVA (the turtles and the whale) as well as several interviews with director, Jim Murphy.
  • Starting at 11:18 into the podcast – we chat about the release (and disappearance) of Party Central from Disney Movies Anywhere. UPDATED Oct 30 at 3:00 PM ET – during the podcast we noted that Party Central was removed from Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA). It appears that the short has been re-added to DMA (it must have been a temporary glitch that it was down).
  • Starting at 14:52 into the podcast – we chat about the announcement of Peter Sohn moving into the lead director role on The Good Dinosaur.
  • Starting at 18:30 into the podcast – we chat about our exclusive first look at To Protect and Serve, Pixar’s 2015 Cars Toons release. We dig into all the gritty details from the synopsis, to what we can gather from the screenshot, to our predictions for the story elements of the short.
Jason Johnston Pixar
Jason Johnston Image © Debbie Coleman/Pixar

Part Seven of The Pixar Pipeline Project

  • Starting at 32:26 into the podcast – We are excited to bring our seventh interview as part of the Pixar Pipeline Project. The Project is a nine-part series of Pixar interviews which will allow us to follow the path of a Pixar movie through its journey from story to screen. 
  • Our interview this month is with Jason Johnston from Pixar’s Effects department. We chat about everything from a day-in-the-life of an effects artist, to his Visual Effects Society award winning work on RatatouilleUp and WALL•E, all the way to his brilliant advice for those looking to get into the effects field.
  • Finally, we wrap up with a discussion on Jason’s journey to Pixar.
  • We’re certain you’ll be amazed with the level of detail and work that goes into the effects team’s work – enjoy the interview.

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  1. Fun, fun, fun episode T.J. and Julie! I haven't quite finished the interview with Jason yet, but wow, it just blows me away what goes into these films! To think about something like cutting veggies and what has to go into that – mind blown!I loved the clip from Party Central, I get such a kick out of Squishy! Makes me want to go back and watch it again! My prediction is that Peter will definitely have a voice in The Good Dinosaur!T.J., I'm right with you with the turtle image from Lava, I could stare at it for hours! The details, the lighting, the bokeh. Perfection.And I'm not even going to comment on Julie's comment about liking Jaws 2 more than Jaws! 😉

  2. I'm terribly excited about it! I love the new Cars Toon! so much funnier than the old Cars Toon! Amazing news, we hope Pixar keep making more and more of this shorts!

  3. First off…hahahah! Julie's comment on Jaws 2 is completely crazy, you're right! But, then again, she'll still watch the 2nd and 3rd Jurassic Park movies too…I can't stomach them (although the 1st is her favorite for sure)!Yeah, that comment about creating the tool to auto slice up the veggies on the fly is amazing – totally blew my mind!Glad you also feel that way about the turtles in that LAVA screenshot. I was worried I was the only one obsessing over it! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the input Britney! We're glad you're as excited as we are about the premise of \”To Protect and Serve\”!! We hope they keep making the shorts too! Are you excited for Cars 3 as well?

  5. Of course I am really excited about Cars 3!!! I can't explain how happy it made me when you came up with the confimation of Cars 3!!! 😀 I adore Cars, since 2006 I was 13 years old when it came out, now I'm 22 and I still loving it!

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