The Glorious Return of The Hamm Bank & Other Disney Store Finds

Toy Story Real Hamm Bank

Are you an avid Pixar merchandise collector? If so, you won’t want to miss your opportunity to purchase the coveted Hamm Bank from the Toy Story franchise. While the bank was available several years ago, the Disney Store has just recently brought it back for purchase online. The bank is one of the best Disney Store releases we’ve seen – in fact, it almost feels like it should be part of the official Toy Story Collection line by Thinkway Toys.

Toy Story Real Hamm Bank

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The bank is a fully sculpted resin replication of the wisecracking piggy bank, including his removable cork and rosy cheeks. Hamm measures approximately 8″ Long, 4.25″ Wide, and 4.5″ in Height. So start saving your coins now to pick up your Hamm bank before it sells out again and jumps back to $70 on eBay.

UPDATED: (Unfortunately, this is no longer available, browse ShopDisney for more great items). Additionally, you can search eBay for the current Hamm Bank listings.

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  1. Yes to the first question and yes to the fact that this is without a doubt one of the coolest Disney Store releases ever! I'm so glad you guys got it, it's definitely one of my favorite pieces in my collection. I guess the only thing I wish is that it wasn't breakable. It's for sure just an adult display piece and far away from a toy but dang does it look cool!The other new merch is great as well and I hope the Pixar stuff continues to flow out this summer! It's always exciting when new stuff comes out and really fun anticipating what could be coming next : )

  2. It's still too bad they don't sell the $15 rubber PIXAR kickball they used to or the electronic Toy Story claw game though. I immediately snatched up the ball as soon as I saw it, but I regret not picking up the claw ($40 seemed a bit too steep at the time). I know a lot of other people who'd love to own such merchandise as well.

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