Ratatouille the Adventure Officially Opening July 10 at Disneyland Paris

Ratatouille the Adventure the Ride Logo

Nearly five years in the making, Disneyland Paris has just announced the official Date of Ratatouille the Adventure – set to open on July 10, 2014. In a video teaser released by Disneyland Paris (UPDATED: The link is no longer active since it was removed by Disneyland Paris), we are treated to a quick behind-the-scenes look into this new attraction.

Ratatouille the Adventure will feature brand new animation to help enhance the experience and bring the characters to life. In addition to the new animation, Disney Imagineering has done an outstanding job shrinking guests down to “Remy”-size with the incredible props and attention to detail within the attraction.

As revealed earlier this year, Composer Michael Giacchino will reprise his musical Ratatouille-role as he and a talented orchestra will add their musical touches throughout the attraction. While the opening date has been announced we can’t help but wonder if the rumors of a Linguini face character will be on-hand to greet guests on July 10 – looks like Disneyland Paris may have a few other surprises for us.

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