Google Highlights Andrew Stanton’s ‘Story Clues’ in Commercial During the 86th Annual Oscar’s

Andrew Stanton Google TED Talk

The 2014 (86th Annual) Academy Awards may have been absent of a Pixar nomination this year, but they still didn’t disappoint with a few Pixar surprises scattered throughout the broadcast  (even during the commercials). Host, Ellen Degeneres, joked that the clips shown in an “animation heroes” segment were a little light on Finding Nemo and Google surprised us with a simple, yet inspiring commercial which showed clips of young filmmakers searching for tips on how to create their own masterpieces – all while including audio excerpts from the astounding TED Talk speech (Clues to a great story) by the brilliant Pixarian, Andrew Stanton.

If you have watched Stanton’s TED Talk previously (originally from February 2012) you may notice that the commercial seamlessly stitched together six separate “clues” that he discusses during the presentation. The audio from the commercial states,

We all love stories – we’re born for them. They can’t be artificially evoked. It doesn’t always mean plot or fact. They aren’t an actual exact science, that’s what’s so special about stories – they’re not predictable. It’s capturing a truth from your experience. It could cross the barriers of time, real and imagined, expressing values you personally feel deep down to your core. And that’s the first story lesson I ever learned.

Andrew Stanton

To add to the emotion, the Google commercial also features the second half of the track titled, Ending (by Thomas Newman), featured on the Finding Nemo complete score soundtrack given to the cast and crew of the project. You can also find the song under the title of Fronds Like These on the standard Finding Nemo soundtrack – the portion of the song from the commercial starts at 51 seconds into the song.

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  1. We thought the same thing! It actually kind of stopped us in our tracks. We stopped watching the Oscars in order to start this post…that's how much we loved it!

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