Five ‘Toy Story of Terror!’ Images Featuring the Return of Combat Carl

Toy Story of TERROR! Screencap

As the anticipation and excitement builds toward the October 16 premiere of Toy Story of Terror! on ABC, nothing can hold fans over better than a new set of stills from the 30-minute short film (via Cinema Blend).

We already know, the short features the gang in a spooky situation as they hunt for a lost friend, but now we’re about to get a closer look at some of the shorts moments – as well as the return of an old familiar character, Combat Carl. That name most likely sounds really familiar to most of our readers as Combat Carl is the toy that Sid straps an “explosive device” (quoting Buzz) to in the first Toy Story.

We couldn’t help but notice in the first image in the post (with the largest group of characters) that there’s a scarf-wearing Lego rabbit included. Knowing that the Director, Angus MacLane, is a massive Lego fan and creator, we didn’t know if the rabbit was one of his own designs or if we’ll find even more nods to Lego in the film – we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any of his Cube Dudes. Additionally, in the same screenshot, we couldn’t help but laugh when we saw the large and small Combat Carl. We hope there are scenes where both of the Combat Carl toys talk to each other and have the same voice – that always leaves room for some funny moments, much like when the two Buzz Lightyear’s are arguing with each other in Toy Story 2.

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