Toy Story "Small Fry" Buzz Lightyear Toy Pops Up – UPDATED 2X

Toy Story Small Fry Mini Buzz Lightyear Toy
Image © eBay User topdog2000

UPDATE: Watch our unboxing and review of the Small Fry Buzz Lightyear in our updated post.

Earlier this evening, one of our sharp-eyed readers (Jace) sent us a tweet that said, “Have you guys seen this Small Fry Toy Story figure?” We were shocked when we looked and realized that we hadn’t seen it before. It made us wonder – is this a toy that will be released at this year’s D23 Expo? Update – we have since learned that this will in fact be released at the D23 Expo – details are listed below.

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Toy Story Small Fry Mini Buzz Lightyear Toy
Image © eBay 1984topresent

The Buzz Lightyear Small Fry toy, with included Poultry Palace happy-meal style box, is approximately four inches tall and looks to have an incredible amount of detail – from his helmet to the paper background french fries and drink cup, it really captures the essence of the short. It even looks like Buzz has movable legs and arms (not sure though). For more details and to buy a Small Fry Buzz Lightyear, check him out on eBay.

Updated – Thanks to another one of our readers (Brian), he noticed the D23 Expo event schedule mentions that on Friday, August 9th from 4:30-5:00 PM, “Pixar’s Small Fry director Angus MacLane signs Buzz Lightyear Small Fry action figures” at the Disney Consumer Products Pavilion. If you’re going to be at D23, be sure to get in line early since 30 minutes of signing is going to go by in a flash.

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  1. Victoria, I am still waiting on your reply about Woodys Tv sets, I have emailed you but no reply. I made you an offer for two woody tv sets versus one with your Small fry order

  2. Hi Kevin. I was actually getting ready to order a woody TV set but I would be interested in the small fry as well. What would be the best way to get in contact with you? My email is JuicyCoutureGirl@verizon(dot)net if you want to send me your price. Thanks in advance!!

  3. Yeah, that's so cool, I remember you saying that you were able to interview him before! Yeah, it wouldn't be the same being further back for sure! 🙂

  4. I have had 2 spare woody tv sets for 25.00 each plus shipping for two years. I would have made you a deal on both. Oh well

  5. Well, I got to interview John in 2006 for, so I guess I can take some comfort in knowing I was inches away from him, whereas here, I'll probably be at least 20 ft from the stage.I'm just hoping they'll show more of 'Frozen,' as that teaser trailer a few weeks ago was rather a let-down, compared to what is currently out there.

  6. Hey Dan – Ha! Yup, Kevin is \”Nascarnbroncosfans\”. Feel free to send him an email if you'd like to help order any D23 merchandise you're looking for. He's helping out others as well! 🙂 I'll also be creating a post about the Convoy Bros soon and will provide more details for Kevin as well.

  7. Dude T.J. you're the man! Thanks for the info. Just to be clear (I was def not specific in my message), it was the last years woody's roundup set I just ordered on ebay but I have not ordered the Small Fry Buzz or the Convoy Brothers set. I would love if I could get help with those! I didn't know there were some people on here nice enough to actually help to pick up exclusives for other Pixar fans! So Kevin is \”Nascarnbroncosfan\” and I could contact him?

  8. I'll jump in for a second, but Kevin can also jump in as well. He has helped me out a few times – he's great! He will charge you a fair amount above the item's cost and cover his costs for shipping as well as paypal fees. As far as the Buzz, I'd guess it would be $20, but since we don't know the official price at this point, it would be hard to gauge it 100%. We'll see as we get closer.Not a terrible idea to get one now though since they've really jumped up in price on eBay in the last few days.-T.J.

  9. Wow man you are too nice…My email is and we can talk! Or follow me on Twitter @pixarfandan and we can send direct messages. Either way and really appreciate your willingness to help! : )

  10. Oh man! I JUST ordered one on Ebay literally 5 minutes ago and then I saw this! Thank you a ton for the offer though! Just out of curiosity how much would you have charged for one? Follow my bog on twiiter It's a blog completely for all Pixar collectibles, toys and other merchandise. I update it every day with a new item from my collection and I would love if you could let me know about stuff I don't know about and sometimes help me track stuff down (like how you're helping me here : )

  11. Good choice to get the convoy brothers set first. If it's anything like a few years ago, the D23 chrome McQueen that was $100 took a while to sell out, but if you want to ensure you get it, it's the smart thing to do! 🙂 That would be a bummer to miss Lasseter speak though.

  12. Well, my first stop through the doors on August 9th will be the store to pick up the Convoy Brothers 4-pack from Mattel, but the Small Fry set will also be on my list.Given the way conventions are these days, I just may have to skip the opening day presentation with John Lasseter in attendance, and grab up what I can just to be on the safe side.

  13. Dan, I sent you a note via twitter and here about the Woody Tv set. I am also going to D 23 for the Convoy Brothers set, I can get you a Small Fry there if you want

  14. No problem at all! I actually just found that when I was trying to find the pricing of the Small Fry- Buzz. Did you find one of the Woody's Roundup action figures? I thought that it was amazing when I saw it, I'll keep a lookout for it for you!

  15. and thanks for the Woody's Roundup image! I actually never saw that (before I came involved with all of these Pixar blogs and D23)…I'll be getting one ASAP…love it! Always looking for new ideas to add to my collection so I appreciate these kinds of posts. My blog is dedicated to my collection so please let me know if you ever find anything unique that I may not have on my twitter! : )

  16. I wasn't even thinking that far ahead. More of a \”wait just a little longer to get them probably $10 cheaper than they are now\” situation.I definitely wouldn't advise waiting more than a month or 2 to try and get one on eBay if you really want one. But you're right, it's very hard to tell in these situations. I'm having someone order me a couple of the Pixar Shorts pin sets since I'm not able to make it. I know for a fact that in a few months/years, it will be very difficult to find each individual pin for less than $40 or so. I'm just hoping I don't get too many duplicates!

  17. Yeah, we thought of that too Brian. It's a tough shot either way. It's always tough to gauge these…the 2012 Comic Con Mater was originally sold for $20 and they sell for an average of $35 + shipping now. I would fully expect them to sell for $20 – mostly because of the detail and packaging.

  18. I agree that it's very tempting, but I think they're most likely going to be a little cheaper once they're officially released at the Expo. I don't see them being much more than $20-$25, considering that they aren't much bigger than vinylmation figures.Of course, I could be wrong- it could end up being a Limited Release, but if you take into account that Mattel is releasing them and they they're having a specific signing event for the figures, it doesn't seem like that will be the case.For comparison- the \”D23 Toy Story Woody Exclusive Mattel Figure\” released in 2011 was limited to 1000, and was only $20. (See image)I guess we'll find out in roughly 14 days! 🙂

  19. Yah I'm not sure if I should wait or get one now! The price could get lower or they could become more rare…as a collector I've learned not to procrastinate on a collectible you want! I've had too many sad losses because of saying oh ill just get that later : )

  20. Hey Dan – you know we had to! 🙂 Obviously there will be a lot more of them coming online after the Expo which may lower the price, but we're wondering how many of them will be offered…it hasn't popped up on any pre-order sites yet and any of our other contacts haven't heard about it yet. – T.J.

  21. It looks like they'll be released during D23 for signing on August 9:\”Pixar’s Small Fry director Angus MacLane signs BuzzLightyear Small Fry action figures-Disney Consumer Products Pavilion, 4:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.\”

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