Pixar Star Wars Die Cast Cars Available For Phone Order

Pixar Star Wars Original Die-Cast Cars
2013 Star Wars Weekends Characters

Take Five a Day recently received a tip that could definitely help people who are looking to purchase a set of the Pixar Star Wars die-cast Cars characters. If you call the Disney theme parks order line at (877) 560-6477, you can order the cars…but there is one catch.

I called this morning to place an order and the cars are back-ordered with the hope that they will come back in stock soon. The estimated shipping date is between now and July – and if the cars do not end up coming back in stock you won’t be charged anything and a Disney representative would contact you to inform you that the order was removed.

Although this is no guarantee, for those who weren’t able to make it to the Disney parks to purchase these cars, this is an opportunity to potentially get your hands on a fun set of Star Wars cars. I’ll be sure to update our readers if we hear anything in regards to our order. Let us know if you order a set as well and if you hear any additional updates.

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