Monsters University Google+ Hangout with Dan Scanlon and Kori Rae

Monsters University Google Hangout with Scanlon and Rae

This morning Dan Scanlon (Director) and Kori Rae (Producer) of Monsters University joined together while traveling through Europe on a press junket to virtually meet with a selected group of five individuals in a Google+ Hangout (now posted to YouTube). The group consisted of a journalist, blogger, animation student, Monsters, Inc. fan as well as one off-the-wall guest (that goes completely unexplained throughout).

Monsters University Google Hangout with Scanlon and Rae

So, who was the unexplained guest? A red monster. Nope, not a monster from Monsters University, just a person in a red monster suit who would randomly hold up signs and move around! I must say that it was a great way to start the day (9:00 AM EST) because not only did I laugh every time the red monster would pop up on the screen, but Dan and Kori would also laugh (and be a bit surprised) as he would pop up on their screen as well (watch from timestamp 18:06 to 18:35 as Dan and Kori just don’t know what to say).

The question we found most interesting was asked by Viola (animation student) where she asked about some of the organizational efforts for the film (timestamp 8:33) and how many times Dan is in review meetings. Dan and Kori talk about how collaborative the dailies and afternoon review sessions are and how everyone pitches in to talk about the clips (it’s not just Dan telling people his thoughts).

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