I thought I had struck Monsters University Gold and a MU Quiz

Monsters University Easter Egg Winds of Change

After the release of the official full-length Monsters University trailer on Monday, I thought I had struck gold twice while reviewing the trailer. First, we noticed the Winds of Change poster above a bed in the dorm room which led us to believe that Mike and Randall were roommates in college.

Following that catch, I also noticed Mike Wazowski’s college identification card and remembered that the Monsters University website had a portion of the site that would allow you to log in if you had a college identification number.

Monsters University ID Card

I quickly took a screenshot of Mike’s ID number (600962011054255) and went back to the MU Net portion of the Monsters University website (UPDATED: Link removed, website no longer active) to enter Mike’s info. Unfortunately, what I thought would be a “sleuthy” move to gain deeper access into the world of Monsters University, was cut off when I got the error message, “M.U. Net ID Not Found. Please Try Again”.

Monsters University School ID MU Net

I also noticed the footnote on the bottom of the page that mentions that, “All M.U. Net accounts are pre-populated with the user’s last name as their password” and attempted to enter Mike Wazowski’s last name as well. Unfortunately, this time I was thwarted by a new error message, “Please Contact Administrator”.

Monsters University School ID MU Net

If you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to give them a try to see if the M.U. Net site will allow us to get more fun news about the upcoming movie.

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  1. We are thinking along the same lines! I also noticed his ID card in the trailer and immediately tried it out. I ended up with about the same results – I always get the first message (M.U. Net ID Not Found. Please Try Again), even if I put in his last name for the password. Anyways, I think there's something coming with this portion of the website, can't wait to see what it is!

  2. Yeah – I'm sure something will come of this portion of the page for sure…we just wanted to try and get a head start! 🙂 Sounds like you and a few other's did too (we've heard from a few others that have tried as well)! 🙂

  3. It really seems like that will be the end result or why else would that portion of the page have been created. I bet it will open up soon enough! 🙂

  4. I recently saw in Instagram PHOTOS of people HAVING their ID card, I think photos for your card are being taken in cinemas.

  5. You're right! We actually went to our local cinema to see if we could find that standee to get our photo taken but they didn't have it. We're hoping to find a theater that has this soon! Great catch! – T.J.

  6. I know, disney channel have a competition to give away mu id cards, you can get your own.

  7. Hello Daniela – No, the theater standees are actually a cardboard cutout that allows you to put your head through a square to \”fake\” getting an ID – we would love if there was a place to get your own ID with a real login to the site.

  8. Actually the Hong Kong Disneyland is giving out MU Student Cards for HKD$40 (~3 Pounds).But I'm not sure if the student id on the card is also working as a mu net id or not.

  9. Hey Jessica, you are correct that the Disney stores do offer a mock student ID. We'll actually be doing a post tomorrow that highlights this event at the store and shows images of what they're giving away – we'll update this comment with further details shortly! Thank you for reminding us! 🙂

  10. Noticed this on the MU Alumni page: \”Alumni do not yet have access to M.U.Net, but will soon have the option to generate their own username and password.\”

  11. i got mac and cheese and the code id is close to what he or she said its 600962011054255 mine is 600962011054256 its the last number

  12. it's not meant to work i looked at the Javascript code://GLOBAL VARSvar loginAttempts = 0;$(document).ready(function() { $(\”#loginBtn\”).bind('click', function () { checkLogin(); } );});function checkLogin() { if(loginAttempts < 3) { $(\”#logincheck\”).html('M.U. Net ID Not Found.Please Try Again'); loginAttempts++; } else { $(\”#logincheck\”).html('Please Contact Administrator'); } clearFields();}function clearFields() { $(\”#mu_id\”).text(''); $(\”#mu_password\”).text(''); }

  13. it does not work I have tried every possible password and usernames given so just give up I have but if you do find anything let us know

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