The Blue Umbrella to World Premiere at Berlin Film Festival

The Blue Umbrella Screencap

Just a few short days ago Pixar announced that the title for their next short film will be The Blue Umbrella. Along with the announcement came a short video clip of a meet-cute between two umbrella characters in a setting that is animated so realistically that you’d swear you were looking at your own busy city street.

The week continues to be full of great news for Director Saschka Unseld and The Blue Umbrella team, as Unseld released a tweet announcing that the World Premiere of The Blue Umbrella will take place at The Berlin International Film Festival.

Saschka Unseld Tweet

The festival which has been held since 1951 will run from February 7-17, 2013 – the date of the World Premiere has not yet been officially announced but we will update this post as soon as we know the date.

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