Legend of Mor’Du – First Look at the short from Brave

Legend of Mor'du Screencap

Entertainment Weekly has just posted details about the upcoming Brave-inspired short, The Legend of Mor-Du, which provides a bit more back story on how Mor’du came to be the snarling bear he currently is.

The Director of the short, Brian Larsen, notes that the short has a “stony edge to it” and that it’s “very graphic…with a lot of silhouettes. We wanted a 2-D look that still has volume and geometry to it.” He goes on to discuss that the art for the short looks more like concept drawings that are typically seen early in the process.

“Steve Purcell, the co-writer, came up with the idea of a king turned into a legendary bear. As the movie progressed, people (from preview audiences) wanted more and more about Mor’du, so Mark (Andrews – co-director) started putting more back story in, and we started linking together how the kingdom fell,” said Larsen.

The short also features another appearance by the crafty witch who helped both Merida and the Prince “change their fates”.

Legend of Mor'du Screencap

The legend of Mor’du will be featured on the upcoming release of Brave on Blu-Ray/DVD – releasing on November 13, 2012 (North American release) and is available on Amazon – you can also read more about the feature of the Blu Ray/DVD release by viewing our previous post here.

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