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If you’ve been clamoring to see Pixar create a rave-inspired short film…you’re in luck! PartySaurus Rex is nothing short of fun and its fast-moving pace will keep you at the edge of your seat the entire time. We were amazed at how rich the story was even though it was packed into a few short minutes of the film.

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The short opens with the familiar Toy Story gang blowing up bubbles. But as soon as those bubbles start to get too big for Rex’s comfort level, he steps in and tries to tell the gang about all of the things that could go wrong. This is brilliant foreshadowing for the bath-time worries that Rex is soon in for – but in his new surroundings, he’s not perceived as a party-pooper, but as a party-starter…or, put another way, a PartySaurus Rex

After bath-time is over, Rex realizes that he’s the only one with arms that can get the party started back up again by turning the water on. Within minutes, Rex is propelled into a fury of anxiety as he tries multiple ways to stop the party before the tub overflows. Rex’s anxiety is of course where the viewer’s enjoyment comes in as the faucet handle comes loose, the drain plug breaks and the option of turning on the shower doesn’t stop the party, it just transforms it into “the perfect storm”, as Captain Suds bellowed. 

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When the party finally comes to an end, Rex has truly earned his accidental title of PartySaurus Rex. Back in the room (where the short started), the Toy Story gang isn’t buying Rex’s story that he’s a PartySaurus Rex until someone comes along asking for Rex’s help in starting another party.

Overall, we absolutely loved PartySaurus Rex and were left immediately wanting more. There were several details that really caught our attention and several lines of the story that really made us roll in laughter. For instance, we were floored with the detail within the bathroom and the characters. Captain Suds had a layer of grime on him that really added the authenticity of him being a real tub toy. As well as the dried water spots on the whale down-spout cover, it was so real – another one of those great Pixar touches.

A scene that was unexpected genius was when one of the floaty toys got stuck in the broken cold water handle and sunk to the bottom of the tub. In the murky soap-less water sat toys that are too heavy to float and when that brightly-colored floaty toy sank down and said “What up fishes?!”, we couldn’t stop laughing. The PartySaurus Rex crew really painted an emotion with this scene and it was such a delight to see the point of view from these heavier toys, it was just brilliant.

As we mentioned above, as soon as the short was over we were left wanting more and were thrilled that Rex received his moment to shine in his very own short. Director, Mark Walsh and the Pixar Canada team really outdid themselves in all areas of the short, from the writing to the animation to the head-bobbing music by the electronic/dance master, BT. This is one short we hope will make its way into a future book or DVD extra so we can see more of the development and concept art. Bravo PartySaurus Rex crew. BRAVO!

Now that you’re read our review – check out our interview with PartySaurus Rex director, Mark Walsh.

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