Disneystrology: Who’s Your Disney or Pixar Birthday Character?

Disneystrology Book Cover

A fun book paired with Disney and Pixar characters to tell you “What your birthday character says about you”, in a Disneystrology kind of way.  Written by Lisa Finander with 384 pages of Disney/Pixar illustrations and movie stills – this 6″x6″ book is sure to delight everyone.

We have had this book since 2010 and it has been a hoot reading it with friends and family, figuring out who has which classic character on their birthday. Disneystrology has a good mix of classic Disney characters and Pixar characters, though I hope a new edition is released soon with Pixar Short characters as well as Toy Story 3Cars 2and Brave characters added.

In the photos above, you can see what example pages from the book looks like. April 14 is my birthday – and I was thrilled to have Pixar’s first Princess as my birthday character.

Though this book isn’t 100% Pixar-related, we still recommend this unique and fun Disneystrology book. 


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