Lots and Lots of Brave Clips

Merida from Brave Screencap

Below is a collection of clips, though all of them aren’t brand new to be uploaded, we haven’t seen the newest bunch of clips compiled since before the movie came out. Thanks to YouTube user Johnrolf2006 for letting us know about some of these videos. Also, please keep in mind that a lot of these videos have spoilers in them.

Check out this collection of Brave fill-in animation clips.

Want to relive one of the more emotional scenes from Brave? Watch as Merida is tossed by Angus into the standing stones. This is absolutely one of our favorite scenes because of the emotion in Merida’s voice – Kelly Macdonald did such an amazing job with Merida’s vocal work. Video uploaded to the official Pixar YouTube channel.

The next few clips are handled by the cast of Good Luck Charlie and really show a lot of extended clips and details surrounding the movie.

This clip shows a brief animation of the triplet bear cubs causing a wee bit of mischief.

This clip, uploaded by the WaltDisneyStudiosIE YouTube channel, shows many of the key players (John Lasseter, Mark Andrews, etc) discussing Scotland.

In case you missed the Pixar-themed episode of House Hunters on Vacation, here’s a brief clip showcasing the episode. Check your guide to record the rerun.

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