John Lasseter Interview Discussing Brave

Pixar Brave Snow Screencap Fergus

In this short interview posted by Metacafe (UPDATED: Link removed as the site is no longer active), John Lasseter discusses Brave and how it included some Pixar firsts – such as being set in the fantasy/adventure genre – meaning that there is magic within the storyline.

One question that was asked during the interview was whether Pixar would team up with Marvel to make an animated film. John Lasseter stressed that Pixar is a filmmaker-driven studio and that the stories for the films come from the hearts of the filmmakers themselves. When John was asked if it was a possibility he stated that there were no plans yet.

Don’t get me wrong I like superhero movies just like everyone else, but the phenomenal minds at Pixar who create such original stories and character ideas are beyond anything in this world (so I’m not sure how that would fit into a Marvel movie).

An easter egg of sorts that I spotted during the interview was what appears to be King Fergus riding a horse through the snow. If you have read the Art of Brave book you will know that Brave was originally going to be set in a snowy forest – this was the first glimpse at actual rendered footage of this lost concept. To read more about the Art of Brave don’t miss our review on this amazing book.

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