Ed Catmull Speaks of Pixar’s New Animation System

Ed Catmull Short History

It’s no surprise that we respect the massive amount of hard work that Ed Catmull and the team have put into Pixar. In a video from the D10 conference, you’ll hear Ed speak of Pixar’s beginning and of the rollout of the new next generation of animation software – which was used in Brave.  

“Brave was built on our whole new animation system” noted Catmull when discussing how many studios fail when they change systems. “The fact is that we didn’t have to do that, and for some people, they ask ‘Why did we do that?’ But I believe strongly that you need to do stuff that’s just out there, you always need to do something that you just can’t justify because it gets your head in a different place.”

When Catmull was asked what he would like to do in animation that he hasn’t done, his response was very intriguing – as he stated that there are two challenges, watch the video below for his full response.

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