‘Onward’ Took the #1 Spot in the Global Box Office – Share Your Thoughts & Join us For our Live Film Review

Pixar’s latest film took the #1 spot in the global box office during its opening weekend. Join us to share your thoughts.
Onward Movie Review

Pixar’s Onward took the top box office spot as the film reached the number one spot for its opening weekend with $40 Million in revenue (domestically). The film was projected for a $44 Million opening domestically, falling in-line with initial estimates (according to Deadline). Onward pulled in an additional $28 Million globally, reaching an opening-weekend total of $68 Million.

It’s unfortunate, but the timing of the release against the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) concerns has certainly affected the box office pull for the film which is seeing Rotten Tomatoes reporting a 96% fresh audience rating and an 86% critics rating. You’d expect a larger pull for films rated so highly — especially internationally.

The theatrical debut for Onward has been pushed until April for territories in Korea, Japan, and Italy — Currently, there has yet to be a release date set for China. This is uncommon territory for films and other properties like the latest Bond film (No Time To Die) have been pushed back to November, while other March releases (Slay the Dragon or My Spy) have been moved to April in theaters and even expanded the release to in-home Video-on-Demand services for Slay the Dragon.

Hopefully, this means that the film will remain in theaters longer to accommodate the concerns of COVID-19, because the film is absolutely wonderful and deserves the high praise audiences have been sharing online and in our Forum.

Be sure to share your thoughts on the film and join us on March 10 (details below) to dive into all the details from the box office, fan-favorite moments, the characters, the story, and discuss some of the Easter Eggs of the film.


Join us LIVE (to take place March 10, at 10:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM PT) as we share our review of Pixar’s Onward on our Pixar Post YouTube channel. Additionally, you can discuss even more about the film on the Pixar Post Forum thread all about Onward or leave a comment below.

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