Review of the Thinkway ‘Toy Story That Time Forgot’ Battlesaurs Buzz & Woody Talking Action Figures

Toy Story That TIme Forgot Woody Thinkway Toy

Buzz and Woody are suited for battle in this Thinkway Toys collection modeled after Pixar’s television special, Toy Story That Time Forgot. If you’re familiar with Thinkway’s Toy Story Collection line, these figures continue the extremely high-quality build and match Pixar’s scale and color specifications.

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Toy Story That TIme Forgot Buzz Lightyear Thinkway Toy

Check out our detailed unboxing and review of the figures embedded below for more information and be sure to pick up these great figures at ToysRUs or eBay. Be sure to stay tuned to our site as we will also be completing (soon) an in-depth review of the Mattel series from the television special as well – featuring Buzz, Woody, Trixie, and many of the Battlesaurs.

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