Episode 024 of the Pixar Post Podcast – Toy Story That Time Forgot, Toy Story 2 & 3 Comparisons and more

Pixar Post Podcast episode 24

In episode 024 of the Pixar Post Podcast we discuss:

Toy Story That Time Forgot – Christmas Special

  • We dig into Pixar’s latest news of a 2014 holiday special called Toy Story That Time Forgot.
  • Thanks to a hearty discussion on this forum post, we have dug into the story that may have inspired Pixar’s upcoming special called, The Land That Time Forgot. We discuss the many ways in which we feel the special is connected to the original story and invite others to read the book since we’ll discuss it in more detail on the next podcast episode. We want more of your input as well – if you find another connection to the book, or just want to chat about the special, add your comments to the Toy Story That Time Forgot forum post.

Comparison of Toy Story 2 & 3 Story Elements

Monsters University & the Oscar Snub

  • The podcast is rounded out with a discussion on Monsters University and how we feel it was snubbed by not being included among the list of nominees in the Best Animated Film category.
  • We also chat about the very thoughtful comments we have received on our post regarding the Academy Awards.

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