Monsters University March Madness Video and Student Tumbler Site

Monsters University Grumblr

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – Pixar is knocking it out of the park with a brilliant marketing campaign for Monsters University. Today, a new video has been making the rounds that shows several basketball-loving Monsters University students packed around a television as they watch their team get eliminated on the bubble of the tournament.

The chaos that ensues reaches its peak when a monster named Big Jim eats the camera that was filming the students watching the television. We uploaded a high-definition version of the video on our Pixar Post YouTube channel.

So, where did this video come from? Well, to continue the great marketing, be sure to check a new website on Tumblr called, the MU Grumblr.  On the student-run site (originally created in December), you can view a series of photos and quirky messages from within the grounds of Monster University. Below are a set of Instagram-style photos that have been added to the Grumblr page to date (click any photo to enlarge).

Thanks to Pixar Times for finding the Grumblr site.

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